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Photography that explores issues of race, identity, representation, human rights and social justice, sharing how photographs reflect lived experiences and shape our understanding of ourselves and others


Lina Iris Viktor: Some Are Born To Endless Night — Dark Matter

Highlights from Viktor's acclaimed exhibition at Autograph

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Ridley Road Stories

Documenting and celebrating the African and Caribbean locals of Hackney's Ridley Road

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Afrofuturism, Mysticism and Climate Justice

Wilfred Ukpong's visual meditations on the environmental crisis in the Niger Delta

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Exhibition Highlights

Identity and Neurodiversity
The Work of Sharif Persaud

Highlights from Persaud's solo exhibition at Autograph

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Heritage, Talent
and Otherness

Highlights from the Common Threads exhibition at Autograph

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Making Artists Living with Brain Injuries Visible

Leon Foggitt's portraits of the artists at Submit to Love Studios

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New Photography
by Young Londoners

Exploring how photography can be used to represent the depth and diversity of our identities

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Your photographs on the theme Hackney Is Home

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Thinking Differently:
New Work by London Students

Using photography to represent themselves and the unique times we find ourselves in

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